Who we are

CPG Company grows high-quality potatoes and our goal is to secure food while protecting the environment. The spirit of innovation gives us direct impacts on everything we do. The continuous investments we make in our people, equipment, and technology enables us to move forward. We are proud to be recognized as an innovator in our industry.


Use of quality starch potatoes along with modern production technology allows obtaining product of the highest quality



We are proud of pesticide-free and non-GMO

Quality control

All potato products are tested to comply with international quality standards.

Our team is continuously focused on improving the quality of products and our work environment.
We are committed to providing the safest conditions possible for our employees & clients.

Thus, adherence to the strictest quality standards in a step-by-step analysis is key focus at growing our potatoes. We ensure that all products meet our customers’ requirements while safely and responsibly reaching their fullest shelf life potential.

Company advantages


Cost-effective strategies is our business model thoroughly designed to accomplish our company mission.


We are always open, honest and straightforward about all operations related to our clients, partners, and employees

Quality products

Quality is hard work and never an accident. It’s always about the result of high-level efforts, intelligent direction, and skillful execution

We approach globally, operate locally

Our partners