Starch plant of CPG Ukraine manufactures potato starch of “extra” class, of the highest quality


Use of quality starch potatoes along with modern production technology allows obtaining product of the highest quality.
Our starch meets requirements of world leaders in this field (Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands), namely: Brabender viscosity over 1400 and whiteness over 92 units respectively.

Product specification (food potato starch)

You can purchase end product from us or start cooperation:
  • we buy potatoes you grew for further processing into starch
  • you grow starch potatoes for us, on forward contract terms
Buy starch
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We sell the highest quality potato starch: "extra" class according to dstu 4286:2004
Крохмальний завод
Крохмальний завод
Крохмальний завод

Details on starch sale may be found out by phone number: +38 097 942 31 30

We purchase potatoes for further processing into starch
Supply terms:
  • The price of 1 kg of potato depends on its quality, namely, the starch content, amount of soil and impurities.
    Potato quality is determined by incoming control laboratory.
  • Goods (potato) must be accompanied by a quality certificate, safety protocols and quarantine certificate (if delivered from outside the region).
  • The price for 1% of starch in 1 kg of potato with plant delivery depends on the starch content:
Starch content, %
Price for 1% of starch in 1 kg of potato, kopiykas, w/o VAT
Average price for 1 kg of potato, UAH, w/o VAT
Average price for 1 kg of potato, UAH, with VAT

Details on starch purchase may be found out by phone numbers:
+38 067 371 25 48 or +38 097 942 31 30.

Contract growing
  • Guaranteed purchase volumes, delivery terms, price, as well as a list of services the producer can receive from our company throughout the cooperation are stipulated in the contract. We approach needs of each partner individually and render a number of services: from providing seeds to lifting and transporting crops from the producer's field to the plant.
  • Our specialists render free consulting services on growing starch potatoes. In addition, we provide agronomic support for the production process, if needed: from seed selection, fertilization and protection system to equipment selection and assessment of field work quality.
  • We enter into forward contracts with starch potato producers.

Details on contract growing may be found out by phone numbers:
+38 067 371 25 48 or +38 067 670 50 93.

Крохмальний завод
Крохмальний завод
Quality control
  • Our modern laboratory equipment ensures quality control of the entire process of potato starch production, from input raw material to end products control.
  • Potato starch is produced in compliance with HACCP principles.
  • In order to expand products sales market and establish cooperation with foreign consumers, we currently prepare for our production certification according to Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000.

In April 2022, our product, potato starch, was successfully certified by the accredited certification center “Lvivstandardmetrogia” with the “Certificate of Conformity”.
With this document, Lvivstandardmetrogia confirmed the compliance of our products with the requirements of DSTU.